Physiotherapy in the West Midlands

Physiotherapy in the West MidlandsPhysiotherapy plays a key role in healing, rehabilitating and pain relief after bone, nerve, muscle, ligament & joint injuries. Physio in Birmingham Physio for Olympic Wrestlers treats injuries and diseases by correcting & improving the body’s natural healing mechanism without using medication.

Physiotherapy and sports massage in Birmingham Physio for Olympic Wrestlers offers a comprehensive assessment so as to make a proper clinical diagnosis & select the appropriate treatment, which is to be administered-by one of the chartered physiotherapists. The physiotherapist treats sprains, strains & bruising on soft tissues like muscles,cartilage, ligaments and tendon problems.

Various problems including any prolapsed discs, any joint degeneration, lumbago, sciatica, painful/stiff neck, and referred leg & arm pains, may be treated by using physiotherapy. A physiotherapist may help determine causes or the contributing factors of headaches, and help treat the problem accordingly. In addition, arthritis, rheumatic disorders, pain swelling & stiffness in the joints like wrists, shoulders, elbows, hips, ankles and knees can be easily alleviated using physiotherapy treatment.

Sports Massage
Sports massage is quite useful as a part of the overall sporting regime so as to reduce risks of injury, enhance flexibility & encourage relaxation. It’s often recommended following a physiotherapy treatment in the rehabilitation of various injuries. Sports massage uses various classic massage-strokes together with various deep tissue techniques to work on your body’s soft tissue, fascia, muscles and tendons. Sports massage will greatly help;
-Olympic wrestlers.
-Workers who suffer from stress or tension such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and migraines.
-Anyone who feels tired, sore or stiff.
-Anyone who has a soft-tissue injury.

Benefits of Sports Massage
-Eases soreness, body tension and tightness in the muscles.
-Improves recovery time from the training, which in turn leads to improved quality-of performance.
-Assists in the prevention of soft-tissue injuries and reduces the recovery time in case an injury occurs.
-Helps in relaxation and stress relief.
-Prevents muscle & tendon injury
-Reduces pain as-well-as stresses & strains on your joints.
-Improves blood circulation, Range-of Motion (ROM) & general well being.